WO - new woHere you can create a work order, specify crew to be assigned, materials used, you can create an invoice and print it. At the same time you are saving in your local disk your are saving in the web.

WO - list viewIn this view you can see all your crew and what work orders are assigned to each one, depending of the work order status is the color displayed in the list view.

WO - month view

In this view, you can see all work orders assigned in a month, you will know in a quick view, the work to do, crew assigned, date and time, work order number assigned, etc.

WO - Invoice

You can create the invoice and send it to the customer. You can modify the invoice format, adding or deleting fields, if you want more help designing, don’t hesitate to ask.

wo - email

All work orders are sent to the crew assigned. so they will know inmediatly that a new order has been assigned.

wo web - List view

You and your crew will have access to the information via web. In this case you only need to click on “Edit” option, and you will have access to that specific work order,


In this view you will now who, when and to whom the work order will be done.
wo web - month view

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